General Rules

General Rules Aikido of Chester County operates in the spirit of Aikido's founder, Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei. Adherence to traditional standards and proper etiquette is a necessary element of a dojo's successful operation. The dojo is a place for the dissemination of O'Sensei's teachings and each student much make a commitment to honor and follow those teachings.

1. Every student is responsible for creating and atmosphere of harmony and respect.

2. Respect O'Sensei's teachings as interpreted and taught by Waite Sensei and the instructors of Aikido of Chester County.

3. Respect the dojo, respect your training tools, and respect each other.

Traditional Rules

Upon entering a traditional martial arts dojo, Westerner's are often uncomfortable with the unfamiliar bowing and the many forms of etiquette. Many may feel the bowing and the rules of etiquette are exaggerated and unneccessary. However, just as daily life in the Western world is filled with social manners and customs designed to enable communication without misunderstanding, so too is life in a traditional martial arts dojo. Etiquette and social manners allow us to practice safely as well as develop compassion and mutual respect. The martial arts are both a discipline, and a physical technique which should be used as a vehicle for your personal refinement and spiritual growth. The dojo is not a place to display your ego but a place for uplifting and cleansing one's body, mind, and spirit.

Although there are many forms of etiquette to remember, they will become natural as you continue to train. Please do not be resentful if you are corrected on a matter of etiquette, this too is a part of your training. Practicing proper etiquette goes a long way in promoting an ideal atmosphere of harmony and respect. The correct attitude of respect, sincerity, and modesty creates an atmosphere essential to the learning process and safety of each student.

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